Unit of Tzaangor Skyfires

I have a great appreciation for anyone who has fully painted these models, by fully painted I mean all the armour plates and the disc the rider is on. Most I have seen at tournaments are painted flat silver/gold with a wash over it. This misses out so many details like eyes, teeth, horns, organic parts, gems and small jewels.

Painting 6 of these was a long and tedious task. Painting them in 2 sets of 3 would have probably been much less stress in the long run! I kept the rider and the quiver separate and painted the discs in 2 parts also so I could get right in there and paint the cool details in the middle. Below you can see a full list of the colours used!

GW: Games workshop, S75: Scale Colour 75, P3: Privateer Press, VMC, VGC & VGA Vallejo Colour, Game Colour and Air, AP: Army Painter

Basecoat: S75 Caribbean Blue
Wash: P3 Turquoise Ink / P3 Blue Ink / GW Lahmian – 1:1:5
Layer: S75 Caribbean Blue
Layer: GW Baharroth Blue
Layer: S75 Caribbean Blue / S75 White 1:1
Highlight: S75 Caribbean Blue / S75 White 1:2
Final Glaze / Highlight: S75 White
Basecoat: P3 Sanguine Base
Layer: VMC Sunset Red
Layer: VMC Sunset Red / S75 White adding more white towards tips
Highlight: S75 White

Basecoat: S75 Mars Orange
Wash: AP Soft Tone
Layer: S75 Mars Orange
Layer: S75 Mars Orange / S75 Sol Yellow 1:1
Highlight: S75 Sol Yellow

Basecoat: S75 Dwarven Gold
Wash: GW Sepia
Highlight: S75 Dwarven Gold / VMA Aluminium 1:1
Highlight: VMA Aluminium

Basecoat: S75 Graphite Grey
Layer & highlight: S75 Graphite Grey adding more and more S75 White

Basecoat: P3 Battlefield Brown
Layer: GW VX-88
Layer: GW Zandri Dust
Layer: P3 Menoth White Highlight
Highlight: S75 White

Purple basing:
Airbrush: VGC Warlord Purple
Airbrush: VGC Hexed Lichen
Airbrush: VGC Squid Pink
Airbrush: S75 White

Basecoat: VMC Sunset Red
Layer & highlight same as feathers but not to full white.