Commission painting service based in the UK

I offer a full range of commission painting services and send them all over the world. As every model is different in complexity and detail it is almost impossible to create a formula for pricing a models paint job. I have been a commission painter for about 6 years now, from single models up to entire armies.

I also offer a miniature assembly service, which includes building the models, cleaning all the mould lines and filling any gaps.

Are you looking to have an army or models commissioned?

I offer 4 standards of paint job on a model: Basic Tabletop, Advanced Tabletop, “My” Tabletop and Display.

For reference:

  • Basic Tabletop would be a single wash and highlight across a model, picking out the more obvious details and a simple effective basing scheme.
  • Advanced Tabletop would have additional layers of highlighting. More depth in the shading, a more advanced basing scheme and some small areas of freehand.
  • “My” Tabletop would be to the standard I would want all my models to be on the tabletop, this would look like my Skyfires, Stormfiends, Great Unclean One and Shaman (all in the gallery). The models would have advanced painting techniques, weathering, textures and army wide display bases etc.
  • Display would be more for single models and small units, not really something you would use on a tabletop, perfect for displaying in a cabinet. This would be along the lines of my Lord of Change.

Contact me for a quote

Prices are all sorted on a case by case basis. The price would be based on number and complexity of models, standard to which they are painted and completion time. For a price enquiry please provide as much detail as possible and include any examples of painting schemes of interest.

Please send your enquiry to