Hi there!

My name is Terry and I’m a miniatures painter living in the UK, I have been painting models in various shapes and sizes for the past 27 years. In the past 2 years I have picked up a great selection of painting awards for single models, units and entire armies. I am now a full time miniature painter and part time web developer. This will allow me to focus a lot more on painting models for competitions and creating in depth tutorials on how I go about preparing and painting my models.

I am also a co-host on the FaceHammer podcast which covers the UK Age of Sigmar tournament scene, gaming and general hobby. If you are interested in Age of Sigmar then head on over and give it a listen!

Patreon Channel – coming soon

Patreon how to paint video tutorials

I will shortly be releasing a teaser video for my new Patreon channel where I will be releasing the above mentioned video tutorials. These will cover everything from building models, basing, conversions, sculpting, airbrushing and of course painting. I will be giving away at least 1 model (painted in the tutorials) a month to subscribers of the channel, this will be drawn at random at the start of every month. The more followers and support I receive, the bigger the model and the more I’ll be able to give away.

When I’m not creating video content I’ll be commission painting armies and models. For full information please check out the “Commissions” tab at the top of the website.