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How to Paint: Typhus – Herald of the Plague God Video Tutorial

My in-depth guide on how to paint Typhus – Herald of the Plague God. I use various ranges of paints in the video but have included a guide at the start to convert the colours into the Games Workshop Citadel… Continue reading →

How to Paint: Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient Video Tutorial

I have uploaded parts 1 & 2 of my “How to Paint: Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient Video Tutorial” to my YouTube channel. Both parts are in this handy playlist, your feedback and comments are much appreciated! How to Paint: Sylvaneth Treelord… Continue reading →

Patreon Intro Teaser Video

A teaser video for my Patreon channel I have been working on the last few months will be released over the next week or so! The teaser will contain projects that I am working on, projects I am just about… Continue reading →

Lord of Change – Work in Progress

Updates on the Lord of Change! So this project is taking a massive amount of time! The model is huge, the level of detail is outstanding and the textures available to work with are great for showing off various painting… Continue reading →

Tzaangor Shaman

Tzaangor Shaman Followed a very similar colour scheme to the Tzaangor Skyfires to keep them all looking like part of the same army. The full colour guide is listed with the Skyfires After painting the 6 Skyfires and Shaman I’m… Continue reading →

Tzeentch Tzaangor Skyfires

Unit of Tzaangor Skyfires I have a great appreciation for anyone who has fully painted these models, by fully painted I mean all the armour plates and the disc the rider is on. Most I have seen at tournaments are… Continue reading →

Tzeentch Gaunt Summoner & Familiars

Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch on foot with familiars I Loved this model when he was first released with Silver Tower, so I was very happy when he had a Warscroll released for use in Age of Sigmar! Not only is… Continue reading →

Sayl the Faithless

Sayl the Faithless A really nice model to paint after a bit of clean up of the Forgeworld resin. I got quite a nice cast so the cleaning and building process was quite quick. I kept the theme of orange… Continue reading →

Skaven Stormfiends – Warpfire Projectors

Skaven Stormfiends – Warpfire Projectors These Stormfiends were my first adventure into painting orange armour and using Scale Colour 75 paints. The armour was base coated with Mars Orange, shaded with Red Leather, highlighted with Sol Yellow and washed with… Continue reading →

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