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How to Paint: Blades of Khorne – Judgements of Khorne

A step by step video on how I painted Judgements of Khorne for table top use! Model – Judgements of Khorne Paints used – Citadel Full colour list available in the video

Marneus Calgar – Primaris Armour

Good evening everyone! Marneus Calgar’s Primaris Armour video is now up for you to watch! I’m back on the Cave Shaman now as time is ticking away to get it finished for upcoming competitions! Thankyou for your patience and support… Continue reading →

Fungoid Cave Shaman – Part 2 – Mushroom Hat

Hey everyone heres the next installment of the Cave Shaman. Its a shorter video just focusing on the mushroom hat and the brain Squig. The rest of this series will be shorter videos that focus on specific parts of the… Continue reading →

Fungoid Cave Shaman – Part 1 – Green Skin

So I tried something new in this video and I need your feedback! Do you like this style of recording where I’m talking alot more, longer videos, less edits and quicker video uploads. Doing it this way means I can… Continue reading →

Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Tidecaster – Part 3 – Skin, Fish, Gems & Base

So heres the final part of the Tidecaster. This video covers her skin, gems, base and the fish/shark that’s along side her. I’ll go into more detail on how I did the coral and non metallic metals (nmm) when I… Continue reading →

Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Tidecaster – Part 2 – The Armour, Legs & Boots

So part 2 of the Tidecaster is here! This video shows how I painted the armour, legs and boots. Sorry for the delay, the weather has been super hot here, meaning I need a fan on to work indoors, unfortunately… Continue reading →

South Coast Grand Tournament – Best in Show – Kairos

I recently attended the South Coast Grand Tournament an Age of Sigmar event. I picked up 3rd place in the army painting category. More importantly I finished Kairos and he picked up ‘Best in Show’ in the painting competition. I’ll… Continue reading →

Patreon Intro Teaser Video

A teaser video for my Patreon channel I have been working on the last few months will be released over the next week or so! The teaser will contain projects that I am working on, projects I am just about… Continue reading →

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